Yucca Flats Saddle Blankets

Yucca Flats Saddle Blankets

Welcome to Yucca Flats, where we've been weaving outrageous rugs and saddle
blankets since 2000. 

 That year we introduced our line of unique and colorful saddle
blankets at the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity in Fort  Worth, Texas. 

  Our saddle blankets and rugs are hand-woven from New Zealand wool at our production
facility in Eastern Europe.  

We dye our own wool which accounts for our rich colors
and vintage look. 

 Our popular saddle blankets measure 34 x 38 inches and weigh
approximately 5 lbs each.  

Our weavers are highly trained and, as you can tell from
our designs, our artists are second to none.

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Yucca Flats


Many of Yucca Flats saddle blanket designs are original artwork or adaptations from Navajo and other Native American or Folk motifs.